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"Thanks for all your advice on the Illuminatural 6i cream. I haven't quite managed to get the 4 shades or so that you achieved but I have whiten about 3 tones now which is mighty impressive seeing that I only started using it a week ago"

Julie Parker,
From Jennifer: Celebrating 9 Years Online This Month!
RE: Results Of My 'skin whitening' Product Test
Hello, Jennifer right here. If you're not one of my normal clients, allow me swiftly to tell you a little about myself ... then I'll show you real evidence of exactly how I lighten my skin 3 tones in less than one week making use of a new product called 'Illuminatural 6i'.

Ok ... I've been dark tan all my life. All through my teenager years I had bad acne issues so my face had acne scars all around. I had blemishes and discoloration on one side of my face! I really felt embarrassed and had reduced self esteem for a long period of time.

Because I started looking for a skin lightening product all those years earlier, I have actually been through essentially every feeling imaginable. Stress ... anger ... jubilation; although the 'stress' just lasted for the very first years whilst I was desperately attempting to uncover the best ways to lighten my skin and eliminate these freaking scars!

I did eventually figure it out and since then I haven't look back... and in the next couple of moments,
I can hopefully advise you on how to do the same!

Here's The Problem...

See, nowadays, attempting skin whitening is harder and complicated than it use to be. There are many products on the marketplace to pick from and unless you have the time and cash to examine them out, you're basically going to go round in circles ... and potentially lose a great deal of cash or risk your health and wellness.

And this is the precise reason why a few weeks back, (and after continuously being asked to do so for 2 years!) I chose to buy and test 15 of the most prominent 'skin lightening' product to see which product really produce results!

What Happened...

The truth was, many were complete rubbish and a few could possibly be called 'frauds'. Actually, from the 15 that I examined, only 2 had produce good results, these two products (the 'Illuminatural 6i' and 'Skin Whitening Forever') worked SO well, I manged to lighten 2-3 tones in less than 7 days. I even surprised myself!

Below is a summary of both ... and make sure you review my conclusion at the end ...

illuminatural 6i 
Let's start with the impressive 'Illuminatural 6i' which reveals the keys to whiten your skin. When I first check out this product, it was immediately apparent that this is genuine.


I had in fact heard many good things about Illuminatural 6i already and when I bought the complete skin whitening system, I kinda' understood why ...

You are welcomed with comprehensive directions regarding exactly what you should do in a straight forward and detailed style.

What I could and will tell you is this: It works!

Despite the fact that my results were not comparable to what was professed on the product website (actually, they were less than one-half as great), over a 7 day duration, I still managed to easily obtain some pretty decent results as you could see listed below ...

my results in 7 days

skin whitening before and after

Not bad, I am certain you'll agree ... and I'm still using this product at the moment to get ready for a huge family wedding ceremony later this year. The other point I wish to point out is this free trial they have going on at this moment (they state only 25 free trials will be given away so I hope you're in time!).

This skin whitening product was the best of all the ones I've tested. I like it since it's 100 % all-natural and safe ... and with their existing free trial offer you will not be able to find a safe and effective product with a terrific offer similar to this anywhere else.

Overall 'Illuminatural 6i' is a fantastic product ... the most effective from the 15 products I bought and tested. I strongly recommend it.

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...and you can see my conclusions below...

skin whitening forever banner  
skin whitening forever product When I first saw the Skin Whitening Forever website, I have to confess I thought 'here we go ..., yet another alleged skin whitening expert promising crazy results' ... and generally I would have avoided this kinda' thing like sars.
However, since the entire reason of my research was to end all doubt and to locate the very best 'skin whitening' products on the marketplace I just went ahead and purchased it. Actually, I was pleasingly surprised. The idea of the web site is this: "I'm going to show you how to save money by making your very own skin whitening products at home that work"; and that's essentially what it does. The strategies are valid and the suggestions are effective. and I understood it because I've been utilizing a few of them for many years.

The training program is wonderful and bountiful with diagrams and comprehensive video clip tutorials ... and you are provided with all the tools to help you obtain results as fast as possible.

If you watch these tutorials and follow them you will certainly lose a couple shades. No question about it, but how many shades and how long?

I tested skin whitening forever out at the same time as 'Illuminatural 6i', but since these approaches were a little more difficult to carry out, I did it over a 7 day period, rather than a 5 day like I was planning in the beginning.

Here's what happened...

my results in 7 days

before and after skin whitening 

As you could see, the outcome isn't bad and I assume that 1-2 tones would certainly do you fine! Nonetheless, the skin whitening did not live up to what was mentioned on the website nor were they as effective and simple to execute as Illuminatural 6i.

Skin Whitening Forever does work yet I would certainly recommend you to read my verdict below prior to taking action.




The Conclusion...?
Well, after some thought, my verdict is this: If you desire quick & solid results immediately Illuminatural 6i is definitely the one to choose. Even though Skin Whitening Forever procedures DO work and if you spend a little time implementing every little thing then you will certainly shed a couple shades ... although I do think the reason I personally had the ability to lose 1-2 shades with SWF over the 7 day test period is because I currently have tons of experience with skin care procedures. You may not?

That wraps it up so if you wish to lose a couple shades and any skin issues you may have within the next 7 days, then check out Illuminatural 6i...

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